From Our Pastor's Heart 9.10.2015

From Our Pastor September 10, 2015

Wow, hard to believe Cindy and I have been here almost 3 months now. We again thank you for your patience as it took us so long to get moved in and settled. I case you missed it, I had to complete 12 weeks of cardiac rehab to be released from that program, I had several seeks left to complete on “Moving Day.” It was much easier to attend those sessions in Gainesville from our home in Dahlonega so that’s what I did. But now, we are totally out of our Dahlonega place and have made our home here in Carnesville.

We especially appreciate the welcome provided by both congregations, Vanna’s breakfast was first rate, as have been the Wednesday morning coffee and conversation gatherings we have attended. We look forward to continuing to get to know folks from both places as we begin to visit and be visited. We have scheduled some game nights at each church, a parsonage open house and will be inviting different small groups to the parsonage for fellowship starting real soon. Some of those dates will be in this week’s bulletins.

We want you to know that our home is open to visitors, especially church members/regular attenders. I am keeping “office” hours at both churches, and welcome visits at the church in the study. But know if I am working at the study in the parsonage and you need me, please call or come by. Call first if you want to double check.

I am learning a lot as I talk with others. It is taking me awhile but I think I’m getting a grasp on where we have been, where we are and where we are supposed to go. For sure I believe that God wants us to reclaim our place as the Spiritual Lead in this fine city. To truly be the heart of Carnesville, all of Carnesville, not just portions of it. To be in the future what we were in the past we must welcome all to worship God in our sanctuary.

Same holds true for Vanna, it’s just a different set of circumstances. I’ve already received some great ideas for serving our community there.

It’s late summer, we will begin the Charge Conference process real soon. Filling and changing out Leadership positions, building budgets, deciding salaries, filing appropriate reports and hosting Cluster III’s Charge Conference (Allens, Royston 1st, Lavonia 1st, Carnesville-Vanna, Bold Spring, Sandy Cross UMCs) on Sunday November 1 at 2 p in our sanctuary and fellowship hall.

I want to share and discuss a suggested/recommended alternative way to organize our congregation leadership; it’s called 3M, Ministry, Maintenance, and Mission. Here is what it would like in both churches:

-Church Council Executive Committee: Pastor; Chair; Lay Leader/Lay Member to Annual Conference; Secretary/Alt Lay Member; Committee Chairs. -Full Church Council: Ex Committee; Committee Members; Members at Large -Committees 1. Ministry (Worship; Education; PPRC) Chair and 2-3 members 2. Maintenance (Finance, Trustees; Nominations*): Chair and 2-3 members 3. Mission (Evangelism and Outreach): Chair and 2-3 members 4. KEY in using this is to have in print the official, administrative committees (e.g., PPRC, Trustees) listed along with newer names. 5. *The pastor would chair the “Maintenance Committee” whenever it was serving as the Committee on Nominations and Leadership Development.

We can elect a charge wide treasurer if we so desire

PPRC is to be a charge-wide committee, with at least the lay leaders and one other representative from each congregation

Reorganizing this way, meets the requirements of the Book of Discipline while streamlining processes, reducing the number of committees individuals must serve on and simplifies decision making.

I ask you to be in prayer about this and look for the time when we will discuss at each church. Obviously, we’ll need to make a decision to try this or not before we start the nominations process in a few weeks.

I look forward to the years of being in ministry with you, in both communities. I promise to pray for you and ask you to pray for me – often. If/when you need me call me, come see me at the church or the parsonage, it’s what I’m here for, regardless of what you may have been told in the past.

In His grip, Ed