Wesleyan Core Term

Baptism by the Spirit

The prophet Joel announced that God’s Spirit would be poured out on all the people. Before his ascension, Jesus said that he would always be present and send the “promise of the Father” (Acts 1:4). That promise was fulfilled when the Spirit descended as wind and fire at the feast of Pentecost. Its fulfillment continues in the Spirit’s ongoing activity among people of faith. John Wesley, in keeping with church tradition, recognized the Spirit’s work, especially surrounding the sacrament of baptism. The power of the Spirit brings us to the baptismal waters. Just as the Spirit alighted on Jesus at his baptism, so too God gives the Spirit to us at our baptisms. This gift is a sign and seal of our new life in Christ and our adoption as God’s sons and daughters. The Spirit invoked at our baptism remains with us throughout our lives to nurture our growth in faith; and only departs says Wesley, by “long-continued wickedness” (see “A Treatise on Baptism,” PII.4) -Wesley Study Bible pg 1088