Scripture Nugget 3.7.2017 (3.14.2017)


3.7.2017 (3.14.2017)

Scripture Read Ruth 1-4


Nugget Ruth 2:8-9

“Then Boaz said to Ruth, ‘Now listen, my daughter, do not go glean in another field or leave this one, but keep close to my young women. Keep your eyes on the field that is being reaped, and follow behind them. I have ordered the young men not to bother you. If you get thirsty, go to the vessels and drink from what the young men have drawn.’ … Then she said, ‘May I continue to find favor in your sight, my lord, for you have comforted me and spoken kindly to your servant, even though I am not one of your servants.’”


Devotional thought: Ruth displays and demonstrates “Over-the-Horizon” Faith by following and trusting her mother-in-law. She has left everything, family, home and country to a new place. No promises were issued to her. Her faith is even greater than Abrahams! She receives a gift from Boaz, an opportunity to provide for herself and her Naomi; hand-up not a hand-out. How does Ruth’s faith affect the community she has come to live in? How does Boaz’s response affect the future? Read the end of the book of Ruth, we find that Boaz marries Ruth they have a son Obed, Obed is father of Jesse, Jesse father of David. This day in Lent, look deep inside, ask God to reveal any barrier within you that prevents blessings upon the next few generations.