Scripture Nuggets 4.18. 2017



Scripture Read 1 Samuel 26-31


Nugget 1 Samuel 26:16

“This thing that you have done is not good. As the LORD lives, you deserve to die, because you have not kept watch over your lord, the LORD’s anointed. See now, where is the king’s spear, or the water jar that was at his head?”


Devotional Thought: David speaks to Abner, Saul’s bodyguard, who has (along with the rest of Saul’s army) allowed David and Abishai to not only enter their perimeter but to get close enough to King Saul to take his spear and water jug. Soldiers today, while in the field, especially in combat situations, sleep with their weapon right next to their bodies. David and Abishai were close enough to kill Saul while his guard slept. David didn’t allow Abishai to kill Saul. His rational was basically, Saul is still the king, and it is not time for him to die; God will determine the time. That’s pretty big of David considering Saul has been and is now hunting David to kill him. I wonder how many of us have left a spiritual leader, one sent to lead us, out to dry. Left him or her unprotected, because of disagreements between us? It is right to defend oneself against someone attempting to kill you however, it isn’t right to kill (to fight against, collude, slander and gossip about) one who is called by God to lead into the future. Why not instead work with, come along side, help build up – edify not fight.