Scripture Nugget 5.2.2017


Scripture Read 2 Samuel 5-9


Nugget 2 Samuel 5:13

“In Jerusalem, after he came from Hebron, David took more concubines and wives; and mores sons and daughters were born to David.”


Devotional Thought: The trend we read about in 2 Samuel 3:2-5 continues. John Wesley wrote in his notes; “This may well be reckoned amongst David’s miscarriages, the multiplication of wives being expressly forbidden to the king, Deut 17:17. It seems to have been his policy, that hereby he might enlarge his family, and strengthen his interest by alliances with so many considerable families. But all these did not preserve him from coveting his neighbor’s wife. Rather they inclined him to it: for men who have once broke the fence, will wander carelessly” (Notes, 5:13) For those who have once broke the fence, will wander carelessly – a powerful lesson for all to learn. Holding each other accountable to God’s expectations, with the love of Christ, is necessary and should be expected. Allowing another to continue to break fences is a recipe for disaster. Refusing to allow others to hold me accountable, refusing to listen, refusing to pay attention is likewise a recipe for disaster. This goes for us as individuals, families, congregations/communities and denominationally as well. Several times in Proverbs we are told not to move ancient boundary stones….. good advice for those living in the Kingdom of God.