Scripture Nugget 5.21.2016

“I am now about to build a house for the name of the LORD my God and dedicate it to him for offering fragrant incense before him, and for the regular offering of the rows of bread, and for burnt offerings morning and evening, on the sabbaths and the new moons and the appointed festivals of the LORD our God, as ordained forever for Israel. The house that I am about to build will be great, for our God is greater than other gods. But who is able to build him a house, since heaven, even highest heaven, cannot contain him? Who am I to build a house for him, except as a place to make offerings before him? “2 Chronicles 4-6

Solomon’s wisdom leads him to know that God is bigger than creation, so any “house” he builds for God will never be big enough to contain God. God is bigger than the creation, God created, how could a man-made building ever contain God? What Solomon desires to do is build a place where the creation is able to worship the Creator, to make sacrifices and offerings to the Creator. The se sacrifices, this worship is a joyous festival of community and sharing with each other that which God provides. The center of worship is sacrifice, God is the ultimate sacrificer, we are the receivers of the sacrifice. O that my worship be pleasing and acceptable in God’s presence, that I realize that the gifts I receive from God, the grace that He offers is His sacrifice, not my doing. That what I return to God, came from God and is to be shared with others. Give me wisdom and knowledge O God!