Wesleyan Core Term - Mind of Christ

Mind of Christ

Wesley desired for Christ to be understood as the common Head of all believers, as God is the common Father and as all drink from one Spirit. The fruit of this recognition is that all are unified into one (Notes, 2:2-3). Every pastor and teacher has struggled with a lack of unity, maturity, and humility in the body of Christ. Although Paul is filled with joy concerning the body at Philippi, he struggles with those around him who preach Christ out of envy and rivalry instead of goodwill (1:15). To solve this issue, he encourages all to allow the mind of Christ to be their minds (2:5). This mind does not remain individually focused but is other-centered, striving for unity. Our rigid mind-sets need the softness of Christ’s mind. Our confident minds need Christ’s humility to leave behind what is unnecessary so that we will serve others. This transformed mind, in Christ, confesses Jesus Christ as Lord.

-Wesley Study Bible pg 1441