Wesleyan Core Term - Humanity


According to Wesley, humans are valuable because we are created in the image of God. God endows humans with aspects of the divine image, which allows us to relate to God (natural image), to benevolently govern creation (political image), and to make holiness a possibility (moral image). But Wesley saw the image of God less as a human possession and more as a relational process by which humans relate to God and the world. Humans, like the Trinitarian God, are relational beings. Being in right relationship with God, the world, others, and oneself is not only the will of God but also the essence of holiness. Of course the human race is fallen; therefore, new birth becomes the process of renewing the image of God with the person through God’s grace. To be renewed in the image of God is to love as God loves through Christ Jesus. -Wesley Study Bible pg 1177