Scripture Nugget 2.5.2016

“You shall not make yourselves detestable … you shall not defile yourselves … and so become unclean. For I am the LORD your God; sanctify yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am holy. You shall not defile yourselves … For I am the LORD who brought you up from the land of Egypt, to be your God; you shall be holy, for I am holy.” Leviticus 11:43-45

The way I live, the choices I make, affects my holiness – the image of God passed down from original creation. Only God can make me holy, return me to holiness, complete Christlikeness. If only I would make right choices, not just a following of some legal code, but to live out every moment of every day loving God first, loving others and myself the way God does. Making all my choices based on that standard.


Application Topic – Holiness Many of the rules and regulations about being clean seem complex and, perhaps, confusing; nevertheless, we can learn about holiness from them. Holiness is not merely an inner experience; it is a way of shaping every aspect of ordinary life to please God. Holiness involves all our habits, manners, and behaviors. Not only is holiness the offering of ordinary life to God but also it is a goal for ordinary people. One does not have to have extraordinary gifts to be a holy person, only a willingness to do everything in a way that shows reverence for God. Wesley Study Bible, pg 135