Wesleyan Core Term - Visiting Prisoners

Visiting Prisoners

The earliest Methodists, including John and Charles Wesley encouraged one another in the Christian faith. William Morgan, a friend of the Wesleys, began to visit prisoners as a part of his regular spiritual discipline. He soon invited the group to join him in vising Castle prison in Oxford. John and Charles were so moved by this initial experience, they committed to visit the prison weekly. The Wesleys continued to visit prisoners regularly throughout their ministries, which stretched to cities across the country, including Bristol and London. John would later describe visiting prisoners as a work of mercy alongside visiting the sick, feeding the hungry, and assisting strangers. According to John, works of mercy, with works of piety, such as prayer, fasting, and reading the Scriptures, are means of grace. These spiritual disciplines provide a means for God’s grace to pervade the lives of Christians as they participate in the Holy Spirit’s renewing work in them. -Wesley Study Bible pg 1199