Scripture Nugget 5.4.2016

“Thus Jehu wiped out Baal from Israel. But Jehu did not turn aside from the sins of Jeroboam son of Nebat, which he caused Israel to commit – the golden calves that were in Bethel and in Dan (1 Kings 12:25-33). The LORD said to Jehu, ‘Because you have done well in carrying out what I consider right, and in accordance with all that was in my heart have dealt with the house of Ahab, your sons of the fourth generation shall sit on the throne of Israel.’ But Jehu was not careful to follow the law of the LORD the God of Israel with all his heart; he did not turn from the sins of Jeroboam, which he caused Israel to commit.” 2 Kings 10:28-31

Jehu wiped out one false god and all those who worshiped Baal – that’s a big deal, a huge to blow to idol worship and could lead to increased worship of God. God was pleased with this and graced Jehu by promising his family would rule Israel for four more generations. Note that four generations is not permanent, four earthly generations is but a blip in time to God, even though most of us imagine four generations is a long time and we will not see the children of the fourth generation that follows us. Jehu did not worship God, he did not give his whole heart to God, and he did not love God first! He continued in the sins of Jeroboam who placed golden calves in Bethel and Dan and lead his followers to worship them there instead of worshiping God in the Temple in Jerusalem. Jehu wiped out one idol and worshippers of it only to encourage worship of another idol. Jeroboam died in his sin, as did Jehu. God lives – who/what do I/you worship! O God, that I not do good deeds for you only to worship a false god in hopes that my works will overcome my sins. O that I would wipe out false gods, wipe out false worship then through my example lead others to love you first, to worship only you with our whole being (heart, mind, soul and strength).