Wesleyan Core Term - Baptism


Jesus, who was sinless and had no need of repentance, nevertheless submitted himself to be baptized by John. Jesus did this in order to identify the work set before him and to embody what he would later command of those who desire to take up his cross and follow him. Wesley wrote that God’s gift of baptism is necessary for all who hear the good news and want to unite with Christ. Baptism is the door to the church and the Christian life for infants and older persons alike. In baptism, sins are rejected, belief in God is expressed, and promises are made to persevere in the Christian faith. The revelation of the triune God at the Jordan Rover assures us that God is present at every Christian baptism. Baptism “in the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit” is a reminder that God is with us from the beginning and throughout our Christian journey. -Wesley Study Bible page 1165