Community Candlelight Memorial

Carnesville & Vanna Family,

A candlelight memorial will be held at 6:30 pm, January 7, 2016 at the Carnesville Community Center. It will be an opportunity for family and friends to gather to remember their loved ones. Ginn Funeral Home will provide a candle to be lit for each individual that they have held a service for in this past year. Upon request, they will also provide a candle for others that you may wish to remember. Requests can be made by phone, 706-384-3333, fax 706-384-5228, or email,

I have been asked to attend so I intend to, which causes us to cancel Bible Study in Vanna tonight. Please get the word out. This event hosted by Ginn Funeral Home is an opportunity for us to remember, to honor, to grieve and to assist others to get over their grief. Hope to see many of us there tonight.

In His grip, Ed