Scripture Nugget 1.9.2016

“So he went in to his father, and said, ‘My father’; and he said, ‘Here I am; who are you, my son?’ Jacob said to his father, ‘I am Esau your firstborn. I have done as you told me; now sit up and eat my game, so that you may bless me.’ But Isaac said to his son, ‘How is it that you have found it so quickly, my son?’ He answered, ‘Because the LORD your God granted me success.’ Genesis 27:18-20

Oh my, how quickly does one act of manipulation and deception lead into depth of sin(s) never intended? (Go back to the garden or fast-forward to David) O that I never give God credit for anything He hasn’t really granted, that I not employ a suggestion or hint of God’s omnipotence in an attempt to manipulate others or cause a situation to turn in my favor. That I would follow God’s lead, not take matters into my own hand in an effort to “help” God. That I would follow God’s lead, and bring others into God’s will not my own.