Scripture Nugget 11.17.2016

“I have a hope in God – a hope that they themselves also accept – that there will be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous. Therefore I do my best always to have a clear conscience toward God and all people.” Acts 24:15-16

Hope in God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). Most of you who read this have that same hope, isn’t it comforting to have hope in the One who Creates, Sustains, and Empowers? But then there are some who will read this and many who we all run into daily who have no hope or hope in something or someone who cannot fill those hopes. How sad. Promises are made by many from several walks of life. Family, friends, politicians, bosses, news anchors, for example. Most of these promises are pie in the sky, utopian sort of ideas that are un-deliverable. Yet, many hang onto to them as if they were solid. Sometimes they don’t even make sense. Why in the world would a college student, whose parents pay for their education, who drives a late model import car and doesn’t have to work even worry about “free” college for all. I’m not attempting make a political statement here, just an example. There is nothing free about free college for all. Someone must pay the bill or salaries, and room and board will not be covered. What else do I/you we put our hope in that is a false promise because it based on a false premise? But I know this; Jesus Christ, Son of God, left his place next to the Father, entered the womb of woman and was born just like you and I. This Jesus lived and ministered on this earth, same as you and I. Born sin-prone he never sinned, he is the ultimate perfect, once for all sacrifice who allowed himself to be tried, punished, nailed to the cross and buried. Praise God that’s just the beginning of the story! Three days later he arose from the dead, he was resurrected and returned to his seat next to the Father. I have a hope in God because my sins have been washed away, because of the Grace of God. Nothing in life is free, my sins were expensive, they cost Jesus his life. Yet he loves me freely. I have a hope in God! I pray those who hope in something less and are disappointed turn to God, hope in God and receive the gift of eternity with God.