Scripture Nugget 8.4.2016

“…everyone wails and melts in tears.”

Life, real life, life here on earth is hard, there is much that happens that is tough to deal with. A friend of mine posted on FB, “When you "Go with God," why do we always forget that means building a big boat? Going to a land you don't know? Heading into the desert? Facing giants in the land? Having spears thrown at you? Being tossed into pits? Thrown in furnaces? Not having a place to sleep? Leaving behind family? Giving up privilege? Being crucified? If your "Going with God" only includes material blessings and peaceful living and a perfect family life, you aren't reading from the same Bible or history or tradition I keep studying and reading about and have been the past few decades.” So when I read “everyone wails and melts in tears” this morning it grabbed my attention.

“Everyone wails and melts in tears” Grief – deep, tear-streaked, heartbreaking, bone-wearying, soul-depleting grief – tests the limits of faith. When, for example, a child dies, a dream is shattered, tragedy strikes, or friends desert us, we can feel as if we are alone and out faith is fleeting. We can become overwhelmed with grief and weariness. When-not if but when – such grief comes, take heart; it is in times like these we can grow in grace and bring our lives to a deeper place of surrender and dependence upon God.” Life Application Topic, Sadness/Weariness, Wesley Study Bible, pg 833.

Dependence on God, living with God overcomes the strength of this sadness. God’s grace brings restoration, redemption and resurrection yet the hard things still happened and more are on the way. The question is will I/you face them alone or be hand in hand with God?