Scripture Nuget 9.27.2016

“Seek the LORD, all you humble in the land, who do his commands; seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you may be hidden on the day of the LORD’s wrath.” Zephaniah 2:3

Wesleyan Core Term – Humility Humility is central to John Wesley’s understanding of the Christian life. The journey of faith is a lifelong process in which the believer is “perfected in love.” Growing into Christian perfection implies that we become increasingly filled with God’s love and become holy as God is holy. Put another way, we grow to sin less and to love more over time. If we wish to grow in love and holiness, the virtue of humility is required. In Sermon 17: “The Circumcision of the Heart,” Wesley refers to humility as a “right judgment of ourselves” (Para I.2) In other words, humility enables us to understand that we are flawed human creatures in need of the love of God in Jesus Christ through whom we can be reconciled and restored to the fullness of life. (John Wesley Study Bible, pg 1133)

Seek the LORD, for those who have turned, returned and enter into relationship with God you know it is with humility one comes – much like the Prodigal Luke tells about in his Gospel. Let us grow in God’s love, let us be perfected – loving more and sinning less. Putting God first and self-second. Lord, help me, help each of us to recognize our flaws and our need of You.