Wesleyan Core Term - Means of Grace

Means of Grace

John Wesley taught that our becoming and growing as Christians is enabled by grace. Through grace we are invited into a transforming relationship with God, which largely takes place as we participate in the means of grace. The means of grace are practices that the Holy Spirit uses to either draw us to God (prevenient grace) or enable us to know our sins are forgiven (justification) and grow in love for God and our neighbor (sanctification). Means of grace include the devotional reading of Scripture, prayer, fasting, the Lord’s Supper, Christian conversation, and acts of compassion and service to our neighbors. It is in the means of grace that we encounter the presence of God in all its transforming and loving power. As we faithfully participate in means of grace through worship, sacraments, daily devotions, fellowship and service. God enables us to increasingly recover the divine image of love in which were created.

                                -Wesley Study Bible pg 1158
                                -C-V websites 9.30.2015